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Faezeh Afjehniya - Painter

Faezeh Afjehniya was born on september 21,1975 in Tehran, IRAN. At her early age and before attending grad school, she was always busy with painting and crafting. After receiving Bachelor degree of Graphic design from Azad university of Tehran in 1997, she continued painting privately. Inspired by new wave of Feminism, she started doing her part as a woman by showing gender inequality through her paintings. Under Aydin AGhdashloo's supervision and Focusing on empowering all women and girls, she started having her continuous solo exhibitions since 2017. She is also an honorary member of the Graphics Department and an ongoing member of the Painters' Association.
In 1999 at the group exhibition Arasbaran cultural center
In 2001 at the group exhibition Ibn Sina cultural center
In 2010 at the group exhibition Bahman cultural center
In 2012 at the group exhibition Ibn Sina cultural center
In 2017 at the individual shalam gallery
In 2018 at the individual ECO Diplomatic institute

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